Gear Patrol's #1 Gym Bag of 2023

Gear Patrol's #1 Gym Bag of 2023

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We're pumped to announce that our CORE35 Duffel has been crowned 'Best Overall Gym Bag' by Gear Patrol. Keen to find out why our bag took out the competition and placed first? Keep reading... 

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Our CORE35 Duffel fits 35 L / 9.2 GAL worth of gear. For most athletes and gym goers, this is large enough to carry all your workout essentials. The CORE35 will easily fit a weightlifting belt, change of clothes, shoes, x2 bottles / shakers, towel, knee sleeves, wrist wraps and any other small daily essentials. 

Think that won't be big enough? We also have a larger CORE51 size for those needing a bit more space. 

Storage Compartments

With no shortage of pockets and compartments, our CORE35 will keep all your gear organized and tidy. We scored extra points with Gear Patrol for standing out here.

"The CORE35 Duffel's convenient weightlifting belt sleeve creates great structure while also freeing up space in the main compartment. The internal shoe compartment keeps sweaty footwear separate for cleaner transport".


Nobody wants a funky smelling gym bag. The high quality material of our CORE35 Duffel offers solid breathability so smells aren't trapped in the fabric. Compared to cheaper counterparts, our premium quality material makes our duffel easier to clean and maintain even after heavy use. 

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CORE35 Duffel in Desert Color

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