About KNKG

Founded in 2011, the original idea behind KNKG was to make the best quality and most functional gym bags. During this mission to create serious bags for serious beasts, KNKG re-invented the expectations of the gym bag.

The gym bag was no longer that exhausted, decrepit, mysterious smelling chamber we stuffed into our locker. KNKG became the foundation and support to help us through every workout, changing the way we moved through preparation, organization and confidence. KNKG became a daily reminder that we are ready to push to the unexpected within the gym and beyond.

The Vision

We don't aspire for popularity, ridiculously good looks or huge muscles. Although we can't help it if we've achieved these things during the journey. We value intelligence, performance and community. KNKG is about challenging the status quo. Always looking to push the limits. Breaking the rules when needed. And doing it with gear that works just as hard as you do.

The Coach

Get ready to pick it up or puke it up. Ray is unlike any coach you’ve ever met. And he’s here to push you harder than any human ever could. Ray is tough and uncompromising, just like our bags.Not that he likes to talk about it, but he's seen some things... He's arm wrestled bears, he's climbed Kilimanjaro and he's seen gyms with more plastic than iron. He's seen gyms where the only real thing is selfie sticks and the smell of fake-tan and now he's here to shake things up! With this monkey on your side, you can say goodbye to slacking off. 🦍

5 Reasons

You Need A KNKG Bag



Bringing your BEAST MODE isn't about being the best, strongest or fastest. It's not limited to professional athletes.

BEAST MODE is about waking up every day to do your best. It's about remaining focused, committed to the job and always looking to push the limits in training and beyond. Beast mode is the result of preparation, metal strength and an unwavering sense of persistence.

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