Why upgrade to a leather bag?

Why upgrade to a leather bag?

Nov 25, 2022Simone Mikolas

After all these years of creating super tough gym bags from nylon, it's not surprising a lot of people are asking "why leather?". 

Leather yields strength and longevity. It's timeless and built to last a lifetime. It wears in, not out, only getting better with age. One of the beauties of a leather bag is that over time, no two bags will be exactly alike.

Brown Leather Gym Duffel

New meets old.

Our HERITAGE Collection is made from full grain American leather sourced from California. Both the backpack and duffel feature brass zippers, brass buckles and nylon webbing. Melding the new and the old together, balancing classic touches with a modern shape.

These bags are made to change as you change, moulding to your habits over time. If you take great care of your new bag, it will last forever - a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Brown Leather Backpack


Leather is the perfect material for any occasion or location. The HERITAGE Collection will feel at home in the gym or the office and everywhere in between. These bags can be worn with almost any outfit, from your athleisure tracksuit to your formal suit. 

Black Leather Gym Duffel Bag

The smell of hard work. 

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Leather has an amazing smell that is unlike any other type of material. It's the only bag that when picked up, we can't help but to inhale the scent.

"These bags take me back to my old gym. Where we trained with leather speed balls and well-worn heavy bags, echoing the riffs from Eye of the Tiger as we dreamed of our own Rocky Balboa training montages."

- Stefan, King Kong Founder  

HERITAGE Leather Collection by King Kong Bags

Caring for leather.

Storing leather appropriately is one of the easiest ways to prevent damage. Store your new bag away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and away from artificial sources of heat which can dry and crack your leather.

Keep your new bag rich and supple with a specialised leather conditioner every 3-6 months. Don't wet, machine wash, tumble dry or iron your new bag. Do regularly clean your bag with a soft brush or cloth. 

Ready to upgrade to the HERITAGE Collection? Shop here.

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