Backpackies Review of The HERITAGE Backpack

Backpackies Review of The HERITAGE Backpack

Feb 02, 2023Simone Mikolas

If you're looking for a full-grain leather bag that only gets better with age, we've got the backpack for you. Here's what Backpackies had to say about our HERITAGE Leather Backpack...

This backpack rocks. There is no other way to say it. The supple leather and straightforward design makes it feel like an heirloom item. Can a gym backpack be an heirloom item? Well, we think so, thanks to King Kong. We can’t express enough how nice this backpack feels.

When you buy a King Kong bag you'll never have to worry about unraveling seams, fraying fabrics, and brittle plastic clasps that snap are the sorry fate of a well-loved yet heavily-abused gym bag. The HERITAGE Backpack keeps in tune with King Kong's mission of designing a gym bag that rivals those made before the time of mass-produced, cheap bags that we see in most gyms today. 

Some of Backpackies favorite features include: 

  • Full grain leather construction that looks amazing in person.

  • External shoe compartment - We tested the shoe compartment and can confirm that it can fit a size 12 men's running shoes with room to spare for larger sizes.

  • 26L main compartment that’s roomy enough for most gym sessions.

  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps.

  • Huge water bottle pockets that zip shut for a cleaner look when not in use.

The roomy exterior of the bag will easily fit a change of clothing, boxing gloves, toiletries bag and other small daily essentials. The exterior will house your shoes, phone, wallet and keys in the front pockets. 

For anyone ready to make the leap into a premium gym bag design constructed to last decades, then the King Kong Heritage Backpack is the bag to get.


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