Why Fixed Organizational Compartment Bags Suck

Why Fixed Organizational Compartment Bags Suck

Jun 15, 2023Simone Mikolas

We didn't invent bags with organizational compartments. We just made them better.

Adding compartments to a gym duffel isn't rocket science. But adding removable, fully customizable organization is pretty neat. 

Organizational Compartment Gym Bag

Why is removable organization superior?

Our duffel allows you to organize and customize the layout of your bag to fit your specific needs. You can add compartments to your gym bag on the days you're craving organization and remove on the days you're packing bigger and bulkier items  (like your foam roller and boxing gloves).  Organizational compartments insert being added into gym duffel bag

Other advantages of our removable duffel divider insert:

• Fits seamlessly inside any of our duffels

• Folds flat for easy storage 

• Secures in place with velcro and won't shift around during transport 

• Easy to adjust, remove and clean

Still not convinced? Check out the reviews here

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