FAQ: Will My Shoes Fit?

FAQ: Will My Shoes Fit?

A favorite feature of our bags is the dedicated shoe compartments. Here's a quick guide to help you decide which bag is best to fit your shoes.


CORE25 Backpack (Medium) Size 12 shoes
CORE33 Backpack (Large)
Size 15 shoes
PLUS26 Backpack
Size 15 shoes
EDGE35 Backpack Size 15 shoes
HERITAGE Backpack Size 15 shoes
CONQUER Backpack (Large) Size 15 shoes

  shoe compartment in red PLUS26 backpack


CORE35 Duffel (Medium) Size 12 shoes
CORE51 Duffel (Large) Size 15 shoes
PLUS33 Duffel (Small) Size 15 shoes
PLUS45 Duffel (Medium) Size 15+ army boots (huge pockets)
PLUS63 Duffel (Large)
Size 15+ army boots (huge pockets)
HERITAGE Duffel Size 15 shoes

Gym duffel bag shoe compartment

Will my lifters fit?

Yes - we have also tested lifters in our shoe compartments. The same size guide applies to lifters.

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