Gear Patrol's Review of The HERITAGE Collection

Gear Patrol's Review of The HERITAGE Collection

Mar 22, 2023Simone Mikolas

Gear Patrol answers the question 'Are these full-grain leather silhouettes worth the cost?'.

Here's what they had to say...

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The HERITAGE Collection includes a 26L backpack and 46L duffel. Designed to last a lifetime, they're constructed entirely from full-grain American leather.

The craftsmanship is top notch across both bag profiles.

I definitely expected these Heritage Collection bags to be a step above my normal tote, but after unboxing each silhouette, I was still impressed by the attention to detail. Every zipper was metal for better durability. All the nylon straps were capped with a leather patch to help reduce fraying. The leather itself held its shape while still offering some flexibility. It just feels like King Kong spent its time crafting these luxurious profiles. Additionally, I enjoyed how sturdy each bag felt when traveling from home to gym. The duffel straps fit nicely in the hand and across the shoulder, while the backpack straps sat conveniently across my frame, even when the pack was loaded with gear. I didn’t feel off-balance when walking, and the straps did a fine job of disbursing the weight across my back. 

Full grain leather backpack in tan

The HERITAGE Collection features plenty of convenient compartments that fit a bevy of fitness gear.

While you might be inclined to think the luxurious leather profiles of these bags are their only calling card, after using both packs for an extended period, I can confidently state that convenience was not lost on these profiles. Each silhouette has a slew of compartments designed to make the most of your training experience. I liked the included shoe bag that comes with the duffel, as it kept my well-worn footwear separated from my other items. Additionally, the shoe compartment across the backpack profile was large enough to house various silhouettes, including my high-top trainers. The present D-rings on both profiles also allowed me to clip a shaker bottle or set of straps for quick access, too.

Full grain american leather duffel bag

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