Why backorder?

We hate to brag about being popular, but it's the truth. Our bags sell out FAST. Backordering means you avoid missing out on the next restock and you'll have a bag shipped to you within 2-3 weeks. We understand immediate shipping is the best experience we can offer, sadly it's not always available due to high demands and supply-chain congestion. We're confident the wait will be worth it and you will love your bag once it's in your hands.

Why don't you just have more stock? 

We don't like bringing up the C-word, but COVID-19 is still impacting supply chains. We're a small brand working hard against intense shipping congestion and competing against the big players for priority shipping. We have found that large full-container restocks are not getting products in the hands of our supporters as soon as we expect/want. The shipping congestion for large restocks is simply too unpredictable, unreliable and outside of our control. Instead of putting all our bags in one proverbial basket, we are organising smaller restocks shipping to multiple shipping warehouses across the US. We have opened two additional shipping facilities to help manage the demand.

Why 2-3 weeks shipping?

Smaller restocks take between 2-3 weeks to arrive at one of our three shipping warehouses. Once restocked, delivery to you may take between 1-2 weeks depending on the shipping warehouse location. We have US shipping warehouses located in California, Texas and Georgia. Where your order ships from will depend on where the nearest warehouse with stock is located. We also have a shipping warehouse located in Shenzhen, China.