6 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Gym Bag

6 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Gym Bag

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The chances are that your gym bag is due for an upgrade. Performing your best requires packing for greatness. Here are 6 reasons why you should level up your bag.

1. Motivation 

In the same way a fresh outfit or new kicks motivates you to get to the gym, so can your gym bag. When you love your gym bag, you'll not only be pumped to get use from it, but you'll be less likely to skip a session because that means missing out on packing for greatness.

Gym duffel with weightlifting belt attachment
Pictured: CORE35 Duffel


2. Functionality 

Don't just work hard, work smart. Your gym bag needs to support your goals with it's functionality. For example, if you regularly use a weight lifting belt, maximise your internal bag space by finding a bag with an external weightlifting belt attachment. Or if you're packing a second pair of shoes, find a bag with a dedicated shoe compartment.

Gym backpack with weightlifting belt attachment

Pictured: CORE25 Backpack 

3. Size

The chances are you need a bigger bag! The more serious you get about gym, the more things you will be packing. Being prepared is half the victory and if you're not prepared, you can't perform. Make sure your gym bag isn't limiting you from carrying everything you need. 

Giant gym bag

Pictured: PLUS63 Duffel

4. Ergonomics

Your gym bag shouldn't just look good. It should feel good. Padded thick straps, a breathable contoured back and a chest strap attachment are a MUST with backpacks! Your back will thank you later. 

Backpack that fits laptop
Pictured: EDGE35 Backpack


5. Wear and tear

Not something we take lightly. Our bags are built to withstand tough conditions and tougher workouts. If your bag has rips, tears or holes in it, it's time to upgrade. Our bags are designed to last a lifetime, so all you need to focus on is the task at hand. 

Premium materials duffel bag waterproof
Pictured: ZONE28 Duffel



6. The stink factor

Train like a beast, don't smell like one. Can't get that funky stink out of that cheap gym bag? You need quality breathable materials. Our bags are made with the highest quality woven nylon fabric. Our materials are tough, lightweight, flexible, abrasion resistant, and easy to care for. Having a dedicated shoe compartment in your gym bag will also help with the stink factor. 

backpack with external shoe compartment
Pictured: PLUS26 Backpack