The Story Behind The HERITAGE Collection

The Story Behind The HERITAGE Collection

Oct 20, 2022Simone Mikolas

What’s your first memory of training? 

"My first memories of training were of leather speed balls and well-worn heavy bags. These pieces had hung in the gym since the turn of the previous century and yet were still the toughest things in the gym.

Leather gym bag developmentWhile other forms of exercise equipment fell victim to wear and the effects of time, the leather stayed on while we trained, echoing the riffs from Eye of the Tiger as we dreamed of our own Rocky Balboa training montages.

Twenty-five years later, I still find inspiration in the smell of leather and the feel of an old leather heavy bag. The natural scent of leather has the power to absorb the smell of sweat, effort, and spirit, unlike its modern counterparts, the sterile odor of plastic, cleaning solutions, and artificial deodorizers.

I want to recreate that feeling, that gym atmosphere before the time of elliptical trainers, smartwatches, and large, clunky treadmills. The mechanical sound of machines and the tin sound of televisions tend to drown out the sound of hard work.

Drawing inspiration from this feeling, I'm ready to create my own training montage in the form of a leather bag. A bag whose material changes as you grow in discipline and strength but still offers the same performance on day one thousand as it did on day one.

Leather backpack with shoe compartmentWith 10+ years of experience in the game, I've spent countless hours thinking about how to revive and re-invent the classic athletic bag.

Leather yields strength and longevity. It's timeless and holds a sense of heritage. My goal is to create a leather athletic bag I'll be proud to carry both inside and outside the gym. One that will wear in over time, rather than wear out.  A bag that will only get better with age, developing a unique patina as is it moulds to me and my training.

Leather duffel for gymMy non-negotiable? Using 100% full-grain American leather - equally rugged and refined. A leather that becomes softer, more flexible and more durable as it is used.

While vintage inspired, these bags aren't be entirely traditional. Balancing classic touches with a modern shape. Although distinct from anything King Kong has released before, we've designed something that stays true to our philosophy.

Retro leather backpack in boxing gymThe only one thing I love more than the feel of this material is the smell. Whenever I pick up a leather bag I can't help but deeply inhale the scent. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. These bags take me back to my old gym. 

Brown leather duffel bag packed with gym gearHowever, the scent isn't the reason for deciding on this particular leather. Quality is always our main priority. We've crafted a collection that will wear in, not out.

Leather duffel in boxing gymThroughout the construction phase we have been putting these bags through serious testing and nit-picking every single detail to ensure the material and construction show no weak points.

After much iteration and testing, we are confident these bags will stand the test of time. I envision these bags as a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation."

King Kong brand founder- Stefan, King Kong Founder

Ready to create your own legacy? Shop the HERITAGE Collection here.

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