Chase Reeves: Review of the PLUS26 Backpack

Chase Reeves: Review of the PLUS26 Backpack

Feb 11, 2021Stefan Gehrig
Packing pro Chase Reeves has reviewed hundreds of backpacks and every day carry items. Why does he do it? Because he wants to bring more consciousness to consumption. In his words, he wants people to "stop buying s**t and instead buy well-designed everyday essentials that make your time and experience more vital"


Want to hear what he thought of our PLUS26 Backpack? Keep reading below.

Chase Reeves Backpack Review of King Kong PLUS26

Front Compartment with Magnetic Buckle

Chase is a big fan of the magnetic quick release buckle on the front compartment. It's easy one hand release is functional and feels great in your hand. He comments that the front compartment isn't limited to just being a compartment for your shoes but also a "great place to throw whatever you need to when you're on the go."

Dual water bottle pockets on backpack that can fit a shaker bottle

Huge Water Bottle Pockets

The expandable elastic and deepness mean the pockets will "gobble up" any drink bottle. Chase says "you won't be worried about your water bottle or shaker ever falling out" of these pockets. 

Organization inside of backpack pocket

Top Pocket Compartment 

Chase was super stoked about the top pocket and smooth YKK zippers. These quality zippers mean you'll have no issue easily accessing your stuff with 1 hand. He also commented "I like pockets that have dimension built in, so you can load up the pocket with essentials you want easy access to". 

Sturdy quality material backpack

Structure & Material 

This bag holds its structure. Something important to Chase is that the bag "won't bend or morph" once it's loaded. Structural integrity combined with quality zippers means "you won't have any issues zipping with 1 hand even when the top pocket is fully loaded". 

"I'm stoked with the materials, the tactile feel of the bag makes a big difference", Chase elaborates that it "feels really solid and it's going to last a long time. 

Secret and secure pocket inside of the backpack

Hidden Pocket 

Inside the main entry to the backpack is a hidden pocket. Chase suggests "this is where the passport would go if you were travelling" or anything you want to "keep secret or keep safe".

Clamshell style opening on the backpack for easy packing

Clamshell Opening 

The zipper at the back of the bag allows for a clamshell opening. This makes for easy packing and access to the internal mesh pockets. He says "the mesh pockets provide plenty of organization inside the front panel".

Otherwise "the top access is perfect for if you're just grabbing from the bag or want to pull out your laptop from the internal laptop sleeve". 

Chest sternum strap on backpack

Backpack Straps 

Chase comments that "the backpack straps are nice and wide. I like the stiffer padding because it distributes the weight well across the surface area of your body." Plus there is a "great amount of padding and breathability" and he loves the addition of the sternum strap. 

PLUS26 Backpack by King Kong outdoors


Overall Chase calls the PLUS26 Backpack "an epic gym + life bag!" with great capacity for daily carry.

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Check out the PLUS26 Backpack available here.

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