Top 7 things every Crossfitter must have in their gym bag!

Top 7 things every Crossfitter must have in their gym bag!

Sep 06, 2018Bingo Theme

When you enter your CF box, you need to be ready for anything. Here are 7 essentials that you need in your gym bag to make sure you're prepared and set to get the most out of yourself.

1. Workout JournalThis is number 1 for a good reason. How can you improve without knowing your numbers? Going to the gym without a proper workout journal is exercise, not training. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, use it!

2. Lacrosse BallCrossfit is all about efficiency of movement. And what determines efficiency? Position! Get the Lacrosse ball into all your sore points, open up your tissues and get into better positions. And better yet, get two extras and tape them together for a simple way to attack your spinal erectors. Get this in your Crossfit gym bag now. Pioneered in Crossfit by Check it out if you haven’t already!

3. Lifting shoes But Rich Froning hits huge numbers in Nanos? Yep, but you’re not Rich Froning! Lifting shoes will let you get into a better position for squats and Olympic lifts. Not convinced? Do you see any of the lifters at the Olympics in Nanos?

4. Speed RopeIs there a better or easier way to warm up and get your cardiovascular engine humming? Probably not. And lets face it, everyone can use a little practice at double-unders (or triple-unders).

5. Athletic/Strapping Tape Talk about multi-purpose. Strapping tape can be used to tape up injuries, cover cuts, tape your wrists and protect your hands against tears. It’s cheap – so there is really no excuse. Don’t keep asking others, get your own!

6. Long Socks or Shin ProtectorsRope climbs, deadlifts, box jumps. We abuse our shins, and we all know how long cuts and scraps take to heal on the shin. Start protecting your chins, or if you’re unlucky you could end up in hospital with blood poisoning (it’s happened to two people I know). Chuck an extra pair in your gym bag and keep them there.

7. BananaYou’ll always need a hit of energy from time to time. Especially between the first and second WOD when you feel like every once of stamina has been sapped. Bananas are a quick, easy and healthy energy source and contain plenty of electrolytes.

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