Behind the name: From King Kong to KNKG

Behind the name: From King Kong to KNKG

Feb 10, 2021Stefan Gehrig

All our original supporters will remember us as King Kong Apparel. So why the name change to KNKG? Let's dig deep into our story... 

King Kong Duffel

Our origin story: King Kong

The first King Kong bag was launched in 2011 in time for the CrossFit Games. The original bag was designed with one main job in mind, to meet the needs of CrossFitters looking for a home for their multiple pairs of shoes and countless accessories.

So what does that have to do with naming the brand King Kong? King Kong is one of the toughest and greatest CrossFit workouts. It's a primal workout that requires strength, determination, power and passion.

The King Kong workout wasn't the only inspiration for the name. Although we aren't related to a love-stuck monster, the metaphor of King Kong holds connotations of size and strength - something we've become known for.

KNKG Core Backpack with weightlifting belt attached

The next chapter: KNKG

Although our roots grew in CrossFit, it didn't take long for us to spread our wings (or hairy fists) into all fitness disciplines. No longer just a brand for CrossFitters, we've grown into a community for everybody - from athletes to everyday gym rats. 

In 2023, to reflect our growth and commitment to constant improvement, we officially streamlined from King Kong Apparel to KNKG - same team, same bags, evolved.

We take pride in creating the toughest and smartest bags in the game. However, today a KNKG bag is so much more than just a seriously tough gym bag. It's your daily reminder to push to the unexpected with a bag as tough as you. 

Are you ready to pack for greatness?


EDT Backpack KNKG

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