We make the best quality and most functional bags in the game. However, a King Kong bag is so much more than just seriously tough materials... It's your daily reminder to push to the unexpected. We focus on making the best bags so you can focus on packing for GREATNESS.


Founded in 2011, the original idea behind King Kong was to make the best quality and most functional gym bags. During this mission, we re-invented the expectations of the gym bag. King Kong became the foundation and support to help us through every workout and beyond, changing the way we moved through preparation, organization and confidence.

Each bag is born from LOTS of research, ideation and sketching. We create bags to not only solve for everyday carry problems, but to improve the way we go through life.


First you needed a gym bag tough enough to withstand your workouts, as well as fitting your multiple pairs of shoes - The Originals Collection. Next you wanted a bag for beyond the gym. Something that ticked all the boxes; smart, tough and good looking - The EDGE Collection. Then we noticed your weight lifting belt was wasting precious space inside your bag! Queue The CORE Collection.

Every bag has been shaped by our community. Our progress is your progress.


We build our bags using the scientific method. observe, question, hypothesize, test, examine, iterate.

Beast mode isn't about being the fastest. It's about delivering the best. It takes many versions before we perfect our designs.


We cater for brains as well as brawn, so we extensively test quality and functionality. We test every compartment, zip, pocket and buckle for durability and efficiency, so you can feel confident you're prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.

You can also rest assured knowing that our warranty has your back!


Tough materials and premium construction team up to achieve the toughest bags in the game.

Our bags are built to stand up to the test of time. We are committed to using only the most durable materials and smartest construction techniques. From the zips to the internal lining, every piece of our bag feels great in your hand.


Just like you, we are always striving to better ourselves. We constantly release additional sizes, better colors and refreshed designs.

Greatness has no peak. So we are always setting bigger goals, challenging the status quo and seeking further improvements.