The story behind the ZONE Collection

The story behind the ZONE Collection

If you had a bag for every time you heard us mention King Kong make the most functional and best quality bags in the game... well, you'd own our whole range (and we'd still owe you a few bags)! Yes we know, you get it. So what's the deal with the ZONE Collection? What makes our newest bags so special?

Insulated Lunch Bag

The story starts with our original meal prep collection, an insulated backpack and duffel. These original bags were tough and fully insulated but not so versatile, being completely dedicated to meal prep. As part of our mantra to always keep improving, we wanted to take the best elements of these bags and re-energize them. This is when we turned to our community and asked you what you wanted to see from our next collection...


The goal of our survey was to determine if you wanted a dedicated food storage bag (fully insulated) or an everyday bag (with the option of food storage). The results came in strong!

Survey results

Based on your feedback, it was clear we needed to focus on designing the best everyday bag that would also support your nutritional needs. We set out to build on the existing quality and functionality (oops, there we go again!) of our original meal prep bags, upgrading the versatility to meet all your everyday carry needs. 


Being versatile is all about the ability to adapt to many different situations. It only made sense that instead of having the entire bag insulated, we opt for a bag with removable insulated meal / lunch inserts. This not only made the bags lighter but improved the versatility so that you have more room for your other essentials, with the option of packing lunch for the day. 


Lunch bag in backpack


Although our focus became versatility, these bags originated from the need to replace and improve our original meal prep collection. Therefore we needed to level up the bags food storage power. Here came the improved insulation and addition of food grade TPU coated and water resistant materials. Not only does this material feel and look great, it means you don't have to stress about any potential spills or harsh weather conditions. 

water proof materials duffel


We know how hard it can be to find a bag that's tough enough for the gym but smart enough to bring to work. With enhanced good looks the ZONE Collection can support all aspects of your day, work included. 

Work and lunch backpack


Ready to find your flow? The ZONE Collection is all about blocking out distractions, sharpening your focus and re-igniting your energy. No matter where your day is heading, fuel up with quality nutrition, hydrate, caffeinate and hit play on finding your flow.

ZONE Collection

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