The Best Work To Workout Messenger Bag

The Best Work To Workout Messenger Bag

The perfect blend of active meets business. For those who don’t want to take a briefcase to the gym, or a backpack into work.

We know that finding a bag that balances being both work-appropriate and athletic can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Most gym bags just can't cut it in a work setting. And most work specific bags feel too professional, looking out of place when you're in activewear. 

The solution? Meet the PLUS16 Messenger bag. 

Messenger bag for work and gym

Work smart and keep organized with this mini office that makes carrying your laptop and valuables a breeze. The PLUS16 Messenger bag is a pure workhorse, with two 16" padded laptop compartments to chose from. If you’re seeking a lightweight shoulder bag with superior padded protection for your laptop and tech gear, look no further. 

Laptop bag for gym and work

Get down to business with a messenger bag that will not only help you work hard, but work smart.

"Built like a tank, yet somehow light to carry. The best part is having 2 padded sleeves to choose from. One inside the bag and one externally accessible with a zipper. So if you need to carry important documents or need quick access to your laptop without opening the whole bag, you can. 


With pockets both on the inside and outside, there is plenty of organization to hold all the little stuff you need. Headphones, water bottle, chargers, gum or whatever, it's got a place." 


- Justin, K.

Athletic messenger style bag

Other features include internal organization, an adjustable shoulder strap and 1 hand quick release Fidlock buckles.

"The magnetic buckles are a nice touch too. You can quickly close the bag and instead of bumbling around with clips, "snap", bags closed, you're on your way!"

Secure buckles on messenger bag

The storage will surprise you. Although slim in appearance, the messenger has a capacity of 16 L / 4.2 GAL. With carbon steel buckles you can feel confident to pack to the max without compromising the safety of your gear. 

Charcoal messenger bag

The PLUS16 has so much more to offer than being just a laptop bag, or work bag, or gym bag! Ticking all of the boxes this messenger is seriously versatile. Ready to pack for greatness?


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