Best Gym Duffel With Water Bottle Holders

Best Gym Duffel With Water Bottle Holders

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We're pumped that our EDGE45 Duffel has been ranked #1 for 'best gym bag with water bottle holders in 2021' by the legends at 

If you're serious about lifting, you're probably carrying a lot of equipment, accessories, clothes and shoes to the gym. If that's the case, the last thing you want to do is waste precious internal bag space with your water and shaker bottles.

Avoid the wasted space and potential leaks while improving the accessibility of your bottles by storing them in their own dedicated pockets on the external of your gym bag. Meet pro for the job - the EDGE45 Duffel

Gym duffel with water bottle holders

The added bonus of the EDGE45 Duffel is the multiple compartments including a dedicated wet zone ideal for storing your post-workout clothes or shoes. This is perfect for keeping your not so fresh gear away from your clean clothes or post-workout snacks.

"The interior pockets are great for smaller items such as wrist wraps, keys, a cell phone, a protein bar, or headphones. There’s also an extra zipper pocket on the side, which is where I’d store things like chalk that you may not want coming into contact with anything else."

Gym bag compartment for shoes and clothes

Some of our other favorite features include:

  • The generous internal capacity - 45 L / 11.9 GAL
  • Multiple interior pockets (including zippers) for organization 
  • 13" laptop compartment 
  • Carry-on compliant and doubles up as a great travel bag

The EDGE45 Duffel is more than just a good looking gym duffel. Designed with versatility in mind, you'll be proud to take this bag beyond the gym and to work / school, your weekend adventures, travel and everything in between. 

Gear up to pack for greatness and shop the edge45 duffel here.

Gym bag perfect for travel

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