How to create the foundation for achieving goals

How to create the foundation for achieving goals

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The best way to achieve our ambitions is to set specific, actionable goals. Setting yourself up to achieve doesn’t always come naturally. Achieving your goals shouldn't be easy. And if you think it’s easy, you probably haven’t set the right goal. Goals should be challenging enough to stretch your abilities but still remain possible.


Without the right foundation behind your goals, somewhere along the way, the momentum to achievement may be delayed or even stopped. So what creates the right foundation? Habits.

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While goals are great for planning progress, habits are good for actually making progress. Consciously developing and maintaining supportive habits will drive your achievement. Forming daily actions towards your goal improves your commitment, focus and thus ability to achieve greatness.  

“Motivation [the goal] is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

- Jim Ryun, American track and field athlete 1968 Summer Olympics.

Start forming habits now by packing your bag ahead of each day. No matter if your goal is inside or outside the walls of the gym, packing your bag in line with working towards your goals means you’re prepared first thing in the morning. Waking up a step ahead increases your motivation and means you’re less likely to look in your mental excuses book! Plus, you’re less likely to forget something important.

“If you're not prepared, you can't perform.”

- Ray, King Kong coach.