5 Ways To Use The Power of Accountability To Achieve Your Goals

5 Ways To Use The Power of Accountability To Achieve Your Goals

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You've set your 2021 goals, now what?

Charge up your progress with the power of accountability. Being accountable keeps you striving towards your goals and helps you make consistent, steady progress.

We explore 5 ways to stay accountable:


Achieving goals with accountability partner


Share your intentions with those who are likely to be interested in achieving the same goals. Working together helps you stay accountable and also empowers you to keep pushing. There is nothing more motivating than achieving greatness with others.


Break down your big goals into micro-goals. Daily habits like packing your bag ahead of each day will help you transform intention into action. Before you pack your bag take a moment to reflect on the question "what do I want to achieve tomorrow?" and pack your bag in accordance with your daily goal.


Using a plan to stay accountable


Once you have set your micro-goals, break down when you will work on achieving each. Setting deadlines gives you a game plan to follow and consistently work towards. 


There's a reason that guy you follow on Instagram uploads his rower stats every week! Social media can be a powerful tool to both motivate and hold you accountable. Sharing your goals and progress with others can give you the excitement to keep progressing. 

 Achieving goals together


Feedback and insight into your strengths and weakness' can give you the tools to grow and succeed. Whether it's from your gym friends, colleagues or family, don't be afraid to ask others how you're doing and where you can improve. 

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result."

Ray, King Kong coach.


Being accountable means adopting the right mindset, remaining focused and determined.

No matter what your goals are, packing your bag in line with working towards your goals means you're prepared for any challenges you might face. More than just a gym bag, a King Kong bag is your accountability partner and daily reminder to stay focused on your goals.


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