5 Steps of SMART Goal Setting

5 Steps of SMART Goal Setting

No matter the season, we believe in remaining focused to achieve greatness all year round. Prepare yourself for success with this 5 step goal-setting strategy.


5 steps of goal setting

Create goals that are 
specific. Set goals that are detailed enough to know what achieving them looks like. For example, "start eating healthy" is a vague goal that leaves achievement open to interpretation. Whereas "eating fresh, non-processed, non-packaged food" is defined enough to know what actions to take. 


Goals need to be measurable. This means having trackable success. 

"Eating fresh, non-processed, non-packaged food" is defined but not measurable. Increase your accountability towards your goal by adding a trackable unit of measure. For example "Eating fresh, non-processed, non-packaged food for 100% of meals during the work week and 50% of meals on the weekend."  


attainable goals

Be realistic about your goals. Is this goal reasonable enough to be accomplished? Goals should be challenging enough to stretch your abilities but still remain possible. In this example, eating 100% clean 100% of the time might not be realistic for your lifestyle. Allowing flexibility for 50% of your weekend meals means you are more likely to stay committed to achieving your goal.


Relevant goal setting

If your goal worthwhile? Will it meet your needs? Is it important to you? Your goals need to be relevant to your interests. For this example, if you are interested in increasing your performance at the gym, or improving your overall health, eating cleaner supports your needs and is relevant to your "bigger picture" goals.


time based goals

When do you want to accomplish your goal? Switch from plan to action and set a deadline for your goal. Define the time frame in which you will review if you have achieved your goal. Example - "Eating fresh, non-processed, non-packaged food for 100% of meals during the work week and 50% of meals on the weekend, for 90 days."

At the end of that 90 days you can assess if you achieved your goal and adjust for your next. 

"If you're not prepared, you can't perform."

Ray, King Kong coach.


No matter what your goals are, packing your bag in line with working towards your goals means you're prepared for any challenges you might face. 


Pack for movement. Get ready for improvement.