Exercising for happiness!

Hitting a PR is a great feeling, and can have you walking on cloud nine for several days. But what about the longer term beneficial effects of exercising and exercise training on mental health and susceptibility to depression?

Is exercising for happiness really possible!?

Interestingly, a recent review of a number of high quality studies into the link between exercise and the onset of depression has shown that even low levels of physical activity such as walking 2.5hrs per week can prevent future depression.

Out of the 30 studies included in this review, 25 showed that the higher your level of physical activity, the lower your risk of suffering from depression now and in the future!

So rather than viewing physical activity as purely a way to keep your body in shape, exercise benefits your present and future mental and physical health! Thus the saying, exercising for happiness.  

References 1. Mammen G, Faulkner G Physical activity and the prevention of depression. Am J Prev Med. 2013, 45: 649-657.