The Story Behind Our Apparel Collection

The Story Behind Our Apparel Collection

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We've put the apparel back into King Kong Apparel.

If you've been following the King Kong journey, you'll be familiar with the limited edition apparel we've released over the years. Without your feedback and requests to release more King Kong merch, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Athleisure black tee for gym and causal

Since the day King Kong was conceived, our sole focus has been creating the toughest and most functional gym bags in the game. However, we believe in pushing the limits and always striving for growth. It would be hypocritical of us to keep our blinders on, only sticking to what we know and what we're already great at, while we stand for something else. So we're practising what we preach and have removed the limits from our limited apparel releases. 

Now is the time to challenge ourselves and grow into new and less familiar territory.

Outdoor workout clothes

A symbol of our commitment to pushing the limits, and your reminder to do the same.

The time has come to stop testing the waters and instead take a leap into the deep. Much like how our new apparel collection is a symbol of our commitment to growth, our tees, tanks and hoodies are your wearable daily reminder to keep pushing the limits, exploring the unchartered and completing those daily 1 percenters towards greatness. 

Activewear tee for gym

Stepping out of our comfort zones. 

Our gear is designed to give you all the freedom to train, explore and push your limits. Nothing great comes from within comfort zones, with the exception of our new apparel. We set out to create a collection that would have the functionality of athletic wear and comfort of leisure wear. Not completely activewear. Not quite streetwear. But the perfect middle point. So you can rep your new tee all day long, both inside and outside the gym. 

Activewear tank in black

The same King Kong quality you already know.

You know the quality of our gym bags can't be beaten. We only use the best materials and smartest construction techniques. You have our word that our apparel is no different. Tough, functional and yet seriously smooth. The moment you chuck on your new gear, you'll understand why it makes the perfect everyday essential. Your only problem will be not wanting to part ways for wash day!

Warm winter hoodie for gym

A fit that works as hard as you do.

Designed for easy movement and maximum exertion so you can feel the power of King Kong backing you up. Don't underestimate the understated designs. It's what's on the inside that'll get the job done, no questions asked.  

Comfortable athleisure sleeveless grey tank for working out

Ready to step out of your comfort zone, in comfort? Shop the apparel collection here.

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